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This jQuery AJAX powered voting script allows your users to vote on anything and everything on your website or application. The best part is the extreme ease of use.

No Programming Required

How nice is that? Just set a couple of data- HTML5 parameters and you can let users vote on anything on your site.


  • 100% HTML 5 Compliant – http://goo.gl/qTHsR
  • Fully ajax powered
  • LIfetime IP tracking – No cheaters!!
  • Super easy configuration [No admin area required]
  • No database required [Votable content automatically tracked via xml file for easy exporting and querying]
  • Easy to change color scheme or icons
  • Modern .net Web API backend


You need .net 4.5, Web Pages 2 Framework (Awesome), and Web API. These can be added to your existing projects with one-click via NuGet. Have a c# website or app? You can easily mix vb and c# code in your application. The documentation shows you how.


Leave a comment or contact via profile if you need help.


 5/17/13 - Version 1.0 Released 

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Ajax Content Voting Script (Polls) | CodeCanyon

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