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Discovery Browser – feel the harmony.

Discovery is a web browser which is you can run video, picture, music, social applications and you can open web pages with all features by Discovery’s Javascript and HTML5 skills. Discovery Browser’s all rights only belong to Amisos Software. Be careful for naming collisions with similarly named softwares. This is an unique distribution of Discovery Browser and you can only find on Codecanyon.

Power of HTML5

HTML5 score of Discovery Browser is 223. It can run every HTML5 and Flash games without any slowdown problems. some of the supported features: canvas element, 2D context, HTML5 tokenizer, HTML5 tree building, Dynamic markup insertion, Field validation, Events, Form validation, Asyncronous script execution etc. You can find more information about HTML5 here.

WebKit .NET

WebKit .NET is a WinForms control library wrapper for WebKit written in C#. The aim is to make it easy for developers to incorporate WebKit into their .NET applications. Discover Browser has been established on foundations of Webkit .NET. You can find more information about Webkit .NET official web site.

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Discovery Browser (.NET) | CodeCanyon

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