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Mega Keyword Generator

This software is very useful for those who are website designer or Search engine optimization specialist or even those who has a website. With this software you can create millions of keywords without spending lots of time on internet.
Also if you have a website like WordPress that every day you update it with lots of posts this software can assist you to add unlimited keywords to your posts.
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  • Create Millions of Keywords by a single word
  • Fetch Keywords from popular website by entering it’s URL
  • Make keywords by pasting your huge documents like word, PDF, html, etc.
  • Sort your keywords for Meta Tags (Copy and Paste into source of your website)
  • Sort your keywords with coma and space
  • Sort your keywords with break-line
  • Save your data in TXT format (Good for archiving words by category)

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  • Fetch by URL Multiple option Available (08/24/2013)

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Mega Keyword Generator (Miscellaneous) | CodeCanyon

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