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Build your own Hangman Game and install it on your website to entertain your online audience! Fyrebox Hangman allows you to have an interactive HTML5 game on your website with no coding necessary

What would you use a Hangman game for?

  • Entertain your users: Do you want your visitors to stay a bit longer on your website? A Hangman takes approximately 1 min to complete
  • Share your mission statement with your users in a fun and engaging way : Do you have a sentence that defines your company? A tagline ? A mission statement? Make a hangman Game with it!

How to build a Fyrebox Hangman Game?

All the content can be customised by just editing a script or you can use the easy-to-use Hangman Code Generator, it lets you create your Hangman game by just filling a form and Clicking on the “Create Hangman button”!

Main Features

  • Loads ultra fast: All the code has been minified so it won’t slow down your website
  • Can be played on all mobiles: The quiz is using HTML 5 and Javascript so it can be played on any mobile. Please note that the hangman game is not responsive meaning its size is set at 700

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    Fyrebox Hangman Game (Media) | CodeCanyon

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