Social Buffs v2.0 | WordPress Plugin

Demo For Social Buffs v2.0 | WordPress Plugin

A WordPress widget for fetching, aggregating and displaying your social media followers/activities. The plugin currently sum your Facebook page fans, Twitter followers, Google+ Page 1 count, Google Page CircledBy count, YouTube subscribers, Youtube views count, Youtube total upload views, Instagram followers, Vimeo subscribers, Forrst followers, Github followers, Dribbble followers, LinkedIn share count, Pinterest URL count and StumbleUpon share count.


  • Facebook — Get the number of fans you have on your Facebook page.
  • Twitter — Count the numbers of Twitter followers.
  • Google+ — Get the numbers of Google Plus page 1 Count & CircledBy Count.
  • Instagram — Get the numbers of Instagram followers
  • Youtube — Get total Youtube subscribers. You can sum up the Subscribers, View Counts and the Total Upload View Counts.
  • Vimeo — Get total Vimeo Channel subscribers.
  • Forrst — Get the numbers of Forrst followers.
  • Github — Get the numbers of Github followers.
  • Dribbble — Get the numbers of Dribbble followers.
  • Pinterest — Count Pins for the URL you specify.
  • LinkedIn — URL shared count on LinkedIn.
  • StumbleUpon — Count the number of stumbles on a specific URL.
  • Store previous counts for each social media incase the new API request response failed. This eliminate ZERO (0) count.
  • Icon Arragement — Arrange the icons in the order in which you want them to appear.
  • Display type — You can choose from horizontal or vertical display.
  • Tooltips — Multiple tooltips colors and positions.
  • Hover text & Language customisation — Now you can enter your preferred hover text content in your desired language.
  • Cache expiration time

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