Responsive CSS Forms Set & Validation

Demo For Responsive CSS Forms Set & Validation

D.A. Custom Forms is a set of responsive layout HTML/CSS forms validated via javascript. There are 3 layouts of the forms: vertical , horizontal and modal. The vertical mode structure is label and a field underneath, horizontal – label next to the field and modal type popups the form. The forms are with responsive design , so they are optimized for mobile devices. Features:

  • Responsive design layout
  • Client side validation
  • Custom Colors
  • Creation of your own rules (Plugin supports custom validation methods. So if you need some specific validation rule it is not a problem)
  • Nice Tooltips
  • Nice animations
  • 4 states of the elements( normal, focused, error, succes )
  • Fully customized(Contains large amount of customized elements: inputs, textareas, selects, radios, checkboxes and buttons)
  • Cross-browser platform – Tested on Chrome, Firefox, Opera, IE8, IE9, IE10) iOS (iPhone, iPad) and Android.

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