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Freelancer HQ is a simple, easy to use, powerful and secure client and project management application. You can easily manage all of your clients, staffs, projects, proposals, invoices, estimates, expenses, recurring invoices, payments, support tickets and lot more very easily or Add staffs to manage any/all aspect of the application.


  • Dashboard Page : As soon as you login you see this page, It shows you a chart containing accounting information (invoices created, payments received) for the current year.
  • Messages : In this section you can see list of all the messages you have received, As well as send new messages to existing clients and staffs.
  • Calendar : In this section you can see all events created for the current month as well as easily add, modify and delete existing events. You can easily use the events system as an Appointment manager.
  • Notes : As the title says, If you want to write down anything you want to remember, Or any idea that comes to your mind, Just add it here and you can easily add and manage as many notes as you want.
  • Manage Account : Here you can easily manage all of your account information details, Like name, email, password, address information, profile image and more.
  • Logout : Clicking on this like will delete your session and you’ll be logged out of the application.


  • Clients : You can easily add and manage all of your clients from this section, You can click on client to view more information about the client, Along with the list of all projects, proposals, invoices, estimates, expenses, payments, support tickets, files, writeboards added for that client.
  • Staffs : You can easily add and manage different staffs with different permissions here. You can have a staff who can only see and manage support tickets or staffs only for adding and managing invoices.
  • Companies : You can create different companies, upload logos and while adding clients/staffs you can assign these companies to their account.


  • Projects : You can easily create and manage projects from this section. After creating a project, you can assign invoices, payments, support tickets, files, writeboards to the project.
  • Proposals : Proposals are similar to projects, You can add simple information about the proposal, select client, etc But you won’t be able to add invoices or payments. You can easily convert proposals to project.


  • Invoices : In this section you can create and manage all of your invoices, You can add any number of items, payments to invoices. Invoices can be emailed to client as pdf, downloaded as pdf and printed as well. You can easily add comments on invoices as well.
  • Recurring Invoices : Recurring Invoices are same as invoices, But here you can select the option to recreate the same invoice whenever you want (like recreate invoice __ day/week/month )
  • Estimates : As the title says, Here you can create estimates for projects and once approved you can convert them to invoices.
  • Expenses : In this section you can keep track of all your expenses, This is really helpful while paying taxes.
  • Payments : Everytime client makes a payment, you can add it here along with the payment method client used, total amount paid and if the payment is still processing.


  • All : In this page you can see the list of all the support tickets created till date.
  • New : Here you can only see the new tickets that have been created.
  • Answered : Here you can see all the tickets that have been answered by you or the staff.
  • Solved : Here you can see all the tickets that have been marked as solved. You can easily make it unsolved if its not solved.
  • Important : Any ticket containing the word “important” in its tags will be displayed here.

File Manager

  • All Files : Here you can see a list of all the files you have uploaded, You can easily view those files, download them, directly email them to the client, add comments and do more.


  • All Writeboards : Here you can see all the writeboards you have added, You can easily assign writeboards to clients or projects or both.


  • Services : Here you can add a list of all the services you provide, This will be visible to clients in client section.
  • Password Manager : Keeping track of all your passwords is hard thats the reason we implemented this feature, Here you can easily add your existing passwords or create new passwords for your accounts.
  • Backup Database : It’s important to backup the application database from time to time such that if anything happens you can easily revert back without losing much. Here you can easily database backups, download them as well as delete them.


  • General : This contains general settings of the application like company name, slogan, timezone, currency, email, phone, invoice prepend field and more.
  • Options Manager : Project status, ticket status, invoice status, payment methods, file types, service duration… All these options are generated dynamically. Here you can easily add/remove the options you need.

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