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Shelf Resizer (Scripts) | 3DOcean

By |June 19th, 2013|

Shelf Resizer adds functionality to the shelf’s popup that forces to increase or decrease rows of shelf. Once you setup the row;it saves this setting and size will stay at next start. usage :put the following line to userSetup.mel source ktSelfResizer.mel; NOTE:in maya 2011 (1st release,hotfix1,2,3)Maya’s shelfLAyout is buggy. height cannot be resizable.maya 2011 (1st release,hotfix1,2,3)

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Rock Shatter (Scripts) | 3DOcean

By |June 15th, 2013|

Rock Shatter generates native rock pieces for you from polygon objects. usage: select a polygon. and Shatter it by the following command : source ktRockShatter; detailed video Tutorials: Ruins getting destroyed (parte 1) – Maya 2013 at : (03:10)

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Feet Keyer (Scripts) | 3DOcean

By |April 12th, 2013|

A script that takes the translate global-world-coordinates and key-frame them regardless of the global control. Simply just select a control and press the script button till you’re at the frame you want to stop; and the control will stay perfectly still up to that frame. Can select multiple controls simultaneously. Can select all controls that have a translate value not just feet controls. Perfect for animating without a walk cycle. Scripted in python for Maya 2012+. 3d Character not included. Including button icon for Maya shelf. Install by dragging script to python tab in Maya Script Editor; make a shelf button or run from Editor. Completely documented programming for easy editing.

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